About Us

Madden Maritime is focused on supporting safe and secure operations worldwide in the maritime industry.  Recognizing that the maritime industry consists of many diverse and disparate segments, a broad overview of the industry has been taken.  We strive to bring attention to emergent safety and security issues, allowing all to learn from the lessons of others.

Safety Management Systems (SMS) are the cornerstones of strong safety programs.  As such, we place great emphasis on the efficient use and management of such systems.  Your SMS needs to be a “documented system of safety management” rather than a “system of documents”.  Whether it be a specialty lifting operation, confined space entry or the response to a critical incident, we look at many aspects of safety within the maritime industry.

Security around the world has become a focal point.  Whether it be piracy, cyber-security or the security of your cargo, these issues are critical for vessel crews, shipping companies and P&I clubs.  Best practices throughout the maritime industry are reviewed and promoted, while attention is drawn to ongoing security concerns.

Let’s be safe out there.

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