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Rich Madden holds a USCG Unlimited Master's license, as well as a Master of Towing Vessels license. He has sailed on these licenses worldwide, most recently in the Middle East and East Africa.

Introducing the Next Revolution in Bridge Situational Awareness – the 3D FSRD!

This amazing device will assist your bridge crew in the following areas :

  • Piloting of the vessel
  • Navigation
  • Collision avoidance
  • Watchkeeping
  • Weather observations

Amazingly, the 3-Dimensional Flat Screen Reality Display (3D FSRD) can do all this with no external sources of power, no additional computing power and permits input from a wide variety of sensors!  No retrofit is required for the majority of vessels and additional units are already staged worldwide.

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Vessel Interaction : Have you considered the possibility?

One radio call you do not want to hear from the gangway watch during cargo operations is, “The ship is moving!”  Unfortunately, this is exactly what was heard during a recent port call.  Shortly after berthing and starting cargo operations on a container vessel with multiple gantry cranes, the vessel started to move ahead.  The first warning was by an alert seaman at the gangway.

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Near Miss : Where is the Maritime Safety Reporting System (MSRS) in the United States?

Let’s talk about near miss reporting.  If there is a subject sure to get eyes rolling and profanities muttered under people’s breath in the maritime industry, it’s the topic of near misses and their reporting.  Near misses, near miss reporting systems and accident investigations are of great interest to me and in my humble opinion, should be of great interest to mariners as a group.  As the readers start rolling their eyes and muttering under their breath, the prevailing thought is likely, “WHY?!”  The answer is something I say quite often, “I’d much rather learn from someone else’s mistakes or near misses than make them myself.”

Then again, as colleague of mine will often say, “Sometimes you have to realize that your purpose in life is to be a cautionary tale for others.”

It’s up to you to decide which path you might follow.

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