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Quicker and easier than falling asleep…

Harry Potter asks his godfather’s spirit, “Does it hurt?” after he’d passed away.  The answer Sirius Black gave was, “Dying?  Not at all. Quicker and easier than falling asleep.”

That answer may be familiar to enclosed space victims. 

The air we breathe consists of several major components.  Oxygen, critical for human life makes up about 20.9% of that air.  That majority of air is made up of nitrogen – close to 78%! The remaining 1% largely consists of argon (~0.93%) and carbon dioxide (~0.04%).  It doesn’t seem that much could go wrong with this atmosphere, but taking away critical components or adding toxic substances can kill us in an instant.

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Go Phish…

Cybersecurity.  It’s much more than a buzzword.  Shipping companies, financial institutions and healthcare facilities have all been victims of hacking – whether it be ransomware, malware or data breaches.  While the larger breaches are the ones that make the headlines, there is a possibility that you have a potential attack in your inbox right now. Continue reading “Go Phish…”

UK P&I Club : Lessons Learned : Collision with sailing vessel

Collisions at sea are not nearly as unusual as we might think.  While high profile cases such as the recent fatal collision between the tanker Sanchi and bulk carrier CF Crystal capture the international media’s attention, there are vast numbers that never get mentioned in the news whatsoever.
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