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Go Phish…

Cybersecurity.  It’s much more than a buzzword.  Shipping companies, financial institutions and healthcare facilities have all been victims of hacking – whether it be ransomware, malware or data breaches.  While the larger breaches are the ones that make the headlines, there is a possibility that you have a potential attack in your inbox right now. Continue reading “Go Phish…”

UK P&I Club : Lessons Learned : Collision with sailing vessel

Collisions at sea are not nearly as unusual as we might think.  While high profile cases such as the recent fatal collision between the tanker Sanchi and bulk carrier CF Crystal capture the international media’s attention, there are vast numbers that never get mentioned in the news whatsoever.
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Vestas in the Volvo Ocean Race : Where’s the accountability?

Three years ago, the scene was Cargados Carajos Shoals 240 nm north east of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.  The sailing vessel Vestas Wind had driven themselves onto a charted reef after failing to adequately use both electronic and paper charts.  In a Cinderella story, the boat was salvaged, rebuilt and took part in the last legs of the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race (VOR).   Continue reading “Vestas in the Volvo Ocean Race : Where’s the accountability?”