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Introducing the Next Revolution in Bridge Situational Awareness – the 3D FSRD!

This amazing device will assist your bridge crew in the following areas :

  • Piloting of the vessel
  • Navigation
  • Collision avoidance
  • Watchkeeping
  • Weather observations

Amazingly, the 3-Dimensional Flat Screen Reality Display (3D FSRD) can do all this with no external sources of power, no additional computing power and permits input from a wide variety of sensors!  No retrofit is required for the majority of vessels and additional units are already staged worldwide.

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Cyber Moment : Loose Tweets Sink Fleets?

Crew Happiness

We use social media to stay in touch with our friends and family, watch our children grow (sometimes from a distance) and follow the daily news.  It has changed communications from ship to shore in so many ways and rates extremely high on crew satisfaction surveys.  And, yes, there are pros and cons – both on a personal level and from an enterprise and security standpoint.

“Loose tweets sink fleets.”  – Tom Clancy Commander in Chief by Mark Greaney

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Cyber Moment : Any USB port when in need of a charge?

USB ImageThe Standard P&I Club recently hosted a contest where mariners could identify hazards in different parts of the vessel.  The posters were then published and are available here.

A conversation with a couple of deck officers started with a discussion of music on the bridge – a hazard identified on that poster.  While a consensus was not reached on the idea of music overall, it’s certain that there are times when it is highly inappropriate.  Times such as traffic, coastal navigation or pilotage.

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