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Accident/Incident Reports : Learn from the misfortunes of others…

We currently have 170 accident investigation reports from around the world on file and available for download.  Looking for a teaching moment?  Need an example of what not to do (or TO do)?  Check them out HERE.  They are broken down into a number of categories.  And we are always looking for new or historical reports.

Accident Advisory: Worker Fell off Tug Boat and into the Water

Figure 1: Above picture shows the tug boat parked at the pier.

From the Singapore Workplace and Safety Council :

Ref: 1920033 WSH Alert Accident Notification dated 26 July 2019

On 5 July 2019 around 1.40pm, a worker while retrieving a mooring rope on-board a tug boat, fell overboard. The worker was rescued by the crew on-board the tug boat and was conveyed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.


For work involving boat services or near a body of water, the risk of falling overboard and drowning is a foreseeable risk that must be addressed. Persons in control of workplaces that present similar risks should consider the following control measures to prevent similar accidents: Continue reading “Accident Advisory: Worker Fell off Tug Boat and into the Water”

Smile! The PSC Officer is here…

In a timely email, we just received some guidance from our company office about dealing with port state control (PSC) officers.  Having just left a port where we fully expected an inspection under the Paris MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), the next port or next time through that particular port, it’s a sure thing.  

Continue reading “Smile! The PSC Officer is here…”