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My Year in MET : A Mariner’s Perspective

No, not weather, that’s meteo…but, Maritime Education and Training (MET).  Through an unusual set of circumstances and job changes, I found myself attending over four months of training and classes in the past year at facilities up and down the East coast of the United States.  As an actively sailing mariner, required training – whether mandated by regulation or company – is far from unusual.  This quantity in a year was, but did allow a unique insight into the variety of maritime training options available.

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It’s the Holiday Season, But Engine Room Fires Are Never Merry!

By AlfvanBeem [CCo], via Wikimedia Commons
The chemical tanker Jo Kiri was inbound for a terminal in the Houston area when smoke was reported in the engine room.  The Houston ship channel was blocked for about an hour before the vessel was moved to a berth.  No injuries or pollution have been reported.

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