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Accident Advisory: Worker Fell off Tug Boat and into the Water

Figure 1: Above picture shows the tug boat parked at the pier.

From the Singapore Workplace and Safety Council :

Ref: 1920033 WSH Alert Accident Notification dated 26 July 2019

On 5 July 2019 around 1.40pm, a worker while retrieving a mooring rope on-board a tug boat, fell overboard. The worker was rescued by the crew on-board the tug boat and was conveyed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.


For work involving boat services or near a body of water, the risk of falling overboard and drowning is a foreseeable risk that must be addressed. Persons in control of workplaces that present similar risks should consider the following control measures to prevent similar accidents: Continue reading “Accident Advisory: Worker Fell off Tug Boat and into the Water”

Smile! The PSC Officer is here…

In a timely email, we just received some guidance from our company office about dealing with port state control (PSC) officers.  Having just left a port where we fully expected an inspection under the Paris MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), the next port or next time through that particular port, it’s a sure thing.  

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What Went Wrong? New Year Casualties….

It’s been an active beginning to 2019 in terms of maritime casualties.  The phone at the Panama Marine Accident Investigation Department was likely ringing off the hook with three major incidents on Panama-flagged vessels in the first two days.  The first three weeks of the year have produced a wide range of serious casualties…and they are likely just the tip of the iceberg in terms of incidents and near misses.

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