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It’s the Holiday Season, But Engine Room Fires Are Never Merry!

By AlfvanBeem [CCo], via Wikimedia Commons
The chemical tanker Jo Kiri was inbound for a terminal in the Houston area when smoke was reported in the engine room.  The Houston ship channel was blocked for about an hour before the vessel was moved to a berth.  No injuries or pollution have been reported.

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What’s in YOUR fire main?

Fire Main ClogThe general alarm rings in the middle of the night; Ten seconds of ear-ringing, nerve-jangling racket designed to raise the crew from a deep slumber.  You stagger from your cabin, struggling into the clothes you’ve set out every night for years anticipating this very moment.  Fellow crew members rush by in the passageway and you hear that dreaded word.  Fire.  There’s a fire onboard and now, you and your mates must confront it!

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