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Quicker and easier than falling asleep…

Harry Potter asks his godfather’s spirit, “Does it hurt?” after he’d passed away.  The answer Sirius Black gave was, “Dying?  Not at all. Quicker and easier than falling asleep.”

That answer may be familiar to enclosed space victims. 

The air we breathe consists of several major components.  Oxygen, critical for human life makes up about 20.9% of that air.  That majority of air is made up of nitrogen – close to 78%! The remaining 1% largely consists of argon (~0.93%) and carbon dioxide (~0.04%).  It doesn’t seem that much could go wrong with this atmosphere, but taking away critical components or adding toxic substances can kill us in an instant.

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My Year in MET : A Mariner’s Perspective

No, not weather, that’s meteo…but, Maritime Education and Training (MET).  Through an unusual set of circumstances and job changes, I found myself attending over four months of training and classes in the past year at facilities up and down the East coast of the United States.  As an actively sailing mariner, required training – whether mandated by regulation or company – is far from unusual.  This quantity in a year was, but did allow a unique insight into the variety of maritime training options available.

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Continual Improvement at MITAGS – PMI

MITAGS (Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies) and PMI (Pacific Maritime Institute) bill themselves as The Leaders in Maritime Professional Training, Marine Pilot Licensing, Ship Simulation and Operational Research.”  Since the founding of MITAGS over 40 years ago, the curriculums have been continually improved to arrive where they are today – offering a full range of programs catering to all sectors of the maritime industry.  Whether it is the AB to Mate program, an evaluation of a company employee’s navigational proficiency or one of their many individual courses, MITAGS and PMI have continually improved the offered courses.

The Continual Improvement going on at MITAGS and PMI now, though, refers to a new series of workshops being offered.  These workshops, from one to two days in length, cover subjects such as Risk Based Internal Auditing, Successful Safety Management or Management of Change.  While geared more towards shoreside personnel, these courses provide senior shipboard management (i.e. chief mates and masters) additional tools with which to do their jobs.  In addition, the inclusion of both shipboard and shoreside personnel offer differing perspectives as well as valuable networking opportunities.

QSE Solutions provides the instructors and curriculums for the workshops.  With over 25 years of experience in the industry managing risk, ensuring regulatory compliance and continually improving operations through People, Processes and Performance solutions, they provides a robust base for discussion across a wide spectrum of the maritime industry.  With safety processes and management systems coming in ever sharper focus by individual companies and organizations, education such as this promotes understanding.

So, what have you done today in terms of your continuing education?