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Go Phish…

Cybersecurity.  It’s much more than a buzzword.  Shipping companies, financial institutions and healthcare facilities have all been victims of hacking – whether it be ransomware, malware or data breaches.  While the larger breaches are the ones that make the headlines, there is a possibility that you have a potential attack in your inbox right now. Continue reading “Go Phish…”

Security Moment : Anchor Watch

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Joshua J. Wahl/Released)

An alert anchor watch is critical in areas where boardings by pirates, terrorists or the common thief might be expected.  Where are these places?  Unfortunately, this is almost anywhere in the world these days.  Some areas we might want to pay more attention to include those areas highlighted in security alerts, where economic conditions make theft an attractive option or areas of ideological (religious, cultural, economic) conflict.

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