P&I Newsletters

IMCA Safety Flash 02/17 : January 2017 : Two Entirely Avoidable Fatalities

MSF Safety Alert 16-23 : Crew Fell On Exterior Ladder

MSF Safety Alert 16-26 : Fire in Engine Room

MSF Safety Alert 16-27 : Fuel Spill During in Port Bunkering

IMCA Safety Flash 33/16 : December 2016

CHIRP Maritime Feedback 45 – 11/2016

IMCA Safety Flash 30/16 : November 2016

ClassNK PSC Bulletin : Davit Launched Liferafts : PSC officers are finding vessels that have replaced required davit launched liferafts with throw pverboard type.  Seems like a simple thing to check and monitor, but when you walk on your next ship, might be something to check!

USCG Marine Safety Alert 16-2016 : Be Alarmed By All Alarms Correct Steering Gear & Other Nuisance Alarms Immediately!

North Club Signals : October 2016 : Bunker Testing, Monitoring Stevedores, Making the Chief Mate in a Master and more…..

MAIB – Safety Digest : Lessons Learned From Marine Accident Reports – 02/2016

IMCA Safety Flash 24/16 : September 2016

West of England : Bunker Quality Disputes Part 1: Practical and Technical Measures – September 2016

West of England : Bunker Quality Disputes Part 2: Legal and Claims Handling Considerations – September 2016

IMCA Safety Flash 23/16 : September 2016

Stop Loss : September 2016 : Cyber Security and more – The London P&I Club

USCG Safety Alert 12-2016 : Does your VDR work?  Don’t wait to find out!

CHIRP Maritime Feedback – 09/2016

Permits to work : a seafarer’s friend – The London P&I Club

The causes and prevention of container losses – The London P&I Club

Navigate Response – June 2016 – Kidnap and ransom insurance?  Media response?  This newsletter covers it all, including 12 Phrases to Avoid in a Crisis.  Sage advice.

UK P&I Club – Slips, Trips and Falls

North of England P&I Club – Issue 94 – January 2014

Maritime Safety + (01-2016)

USCG Marine Safety Alert 03b-13 : Surge Protector Devices Onboard Vessels

NEPIA – Enclosed Spaces

NEPIA – Crew Fitness and Wellbeing

NEPIA – Crew Health and Hygiene

Skuld – Pilot Boarding Arrangements

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