Recommended Podcasts


Klaus Luhta is a mariner, admiralty attorney and representative of the International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots (IOMMP).  His insights on the U.S. maritime industry are insightful and timely.  The Klaus Luhta Podcast is available on iTunes here.

Leadership / Management

After spending more than 40 years in the hospitality industry developing skills and learning lessons in leadership, Lee Cockerell shares his thoughts and experiences on the Creating Disney Magic Podcast.  His books are excellent resources on management of personnel and time, as well as overall leadership.  The Creating Disney Magic Podcast is available on iTunes here.

Situational Awareness

Dr. Richard Gasaway’s goal is to help you see the bad things coming… in time to avoid bad outcomes by improving your understanding of human factors, situational awareness and decision making under stress.  His website, Situational Awareness (SA) Matters focuses on first responders shoreside, but the principles of situational awareness are universal.  SAMatters Radio – the associated podcast is available on iTunes here.