Swedish P&I Club : Monthly Safety Scenarios

SwedishThe Swedish P&I Club publishes a Monthly Safety Scenario.  These fictitious (but realistic and feasible!) scenarios are designed to be shared with your crew as a review of your operations and safety management system.  Reading through these can be eye-opening.  Read, review your own procedures and think, “What if……this happened to you.”

At anchor during a typhoon resulting in a grounding and total loss – September 2019

Containers lost in heavy weather – August 2019

Injury while loading in port… – April 2018

Leaking cargo hatches cause cargo damage… – February 2018

Cargo and hull damage…- October 2017

Contact with another vessel while approaching the berth…-May 2017

Collision while being overtaken… – April 2017

Fumigation Caused Explosion – February 2017

Fire in Heavy Weather – January 2017

CCP Failure – December 2016

Injury In Heavy Weather – November 2016

Blackout Causing Grounding – October 2016

Injury from standing under a pallet… – September 2016

Suez Canal Grounding with Pilot Onboard – August 2016

Injury During Mooring Operation – July 2016

Collision During Port Approach – June 2016

Loss of Anchor – October 2015

Steering Gear Failure – March 2014