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Accident/Incident Reports : Learn from the misfortunes of others…

We currently have 170 accident investigation reports from around the world on file and available for download.  Looking for a teaching moment?  Need an example of what not to do (or TO do)?  Check them out HERE.  They are broken down into a number of categories.  And we are always looking for new or historical reports.

Having Trouble Explaining the Difference Between Near Misses and Unsafe Acts?

Is it a near miss?  Or was it an unsafe act?  Maybe just an unsafe condition.  What’s the difference and how do you explain it to your crew when introducing them to your safety management system?

Check out nearmiss.dk for more cartoons like the one below.  It’s a good visual explanation of the differences between some of the terms used in our safety management systems.  As the safety culture of a vessel and/or company evolves, many are moving away from the simple reporting of near misses.  By identifying (and resolving!) unsafe acts and unsafe conditions, the goal is to break the error chain before a near miss even occurs.

So, where is YOUR safety culture on the evolution chain?


Near Miss - Lifting Gear