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ECDIS : What happens when the GPS signal goes away?

The U.S. Maritime Administration issued U.S. Maritime Alert 2018-004 A “Possible GPS Interference – Eastern Mediterranean Sea” on the 23rd of March.  This is in response to reports of GPS disruptions and interference from multiple vessels and aircraft between Cyprus and Port Said, Egypt.  These reports come on the heels of multiple warnings by the same agency in 2017 of GPS disruptions in the Black Sea, primarily off the coast of Novorossiysk, Russia.  These same warnings reaffirmed that GPS disruptions are a global concern and provided guidance for reporting to the U.S. Coast Guard.

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What’s in YOUR fire main?

Fire Main ClogThe general alarm rings in the middle of the night; Ten seconds of ear-ringing, nerve-jangling racket designed to raise the crew from a deep slumber.  You stagger from your cabin, struggling into the clothes you’ve set out every night for years anticipating this very moment.  Fellow crew members rush by in the passageway and you hear that dreaded word.  Fire.  There’s a fire onboard and now, you and your mates must confront it!

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Nightmare for Mariners, Shipping Companies and P&I Clubs : Collision at Sea

safmarine meru collision
provided by Chinese news media zj.people.cn

“In meeting steamers do not dread when you see three lights ahead, right your wheel and show your red.

If upon your port is seen a steamer with a light of green, there’s not much for you to do, the green light must keep clear of you.

But if on starboard red appear, tis your duty to keep clear. Do as judgment says is proper, port or starboard, back or stop her.

In meeting steamers you should try to keep this maxim in your eye. Green to green and red to red, perfect safety go ahead.

If in safety or in doubt, always keep a good lookout. Should there be no room to turn, stop the ship and go astern.” – Rickard Anderson

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