The Human Element

Unsafe Behavior – Rethinking the Concept : Ron Gantt – ProfessionalSafety

MCA – The Human Element : a guide to human behavior in the shipping industry

Nautical Institute – Alert! – Mentoring

North of England P&I : Master Pilot Information Exchange

IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases

Human Failure Types – UK HSE

Just Culture – Human Behavior Navigator

Aviation Resources

Human Factors in Incidents – Airbus

CRM Factors in Incidents – Airbus

Error Management – Airbus

Conducting Effective Briefings – Airbus

Safety Management Manual (SMM) – ICAO

Creating a Positive Safety Culture – IATA Asia Pacific

Aviation Decision-Making (ADM)

FAA – Advisory Circular AC 60-22 : Aviation Decision-Making

FAA – H-8083-2 : Risk Management Handbook

PHAK – Chapter 2 – Aeronautical Decision-Making

Effective Aeronautical Decision Making