Towing Vessels

Auditing and Inspection

Korean Register – Rules for the Towing Survey of Barges and Tugboats


U.S. Coast Guard – American Waterway Operators : Annual Safety Report – 2016

Shipowners – Tugs and Tows : A Practical Safety and Operational Guide

TSAC : Prevention of Towing Vessel Crew Member Falls Overboard

OSHA : Deck Barge Safety

Planning and Operations

Allianz – Offshore Towing Gear Recommendations

IMO – Guidelines for Safe Ocean Towing

The Shipowner’s Club – Tugs and Tows – A Practical Safety and Operational Guide

U.S. Navy Towing Manual

Basic Stability for Small Vessels – The Shipowners’ Club

Loading and Discharging Procedures for Inland Barges – The Shipowners’ Club


UK P&I Club : Tug and Barge Matters


American Waterways Operators

Towing Vessel Inspection Bureau

USCG – Towing Vessel Bridging Program

NVIC 03-16 : Guidelines for Credentialing Officers of Towing Vessels

USCG Subchapter M : Final Rule

Guide to Subchapter M

Excel Spreadsheet for Bollard Pull Calculations

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